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I remember the time when I write this blog…I am full of emotions, I didn’t even noticed that tears are coming from my eyes. I love someone, I gave my life, I gave my best but it’s not enough but now looking back three years ago…I can say that I am stronger now and choosing that someone to be a friend is the best decision I did three years ago coz that someone teaches me that I should give my love to someone I really deserve and worthy of my love. 🙂

Friendship and beyond...   You have just met somewhere in nowhere, in an unexpected ways, in an unexpected time. In my whole life I never thought of somebody who will came and be my friend for the rest of my life. If I willbe your friend, I will be a friend forever. Sometimes I can can hear from other people saying that life is nothing without money, life is nothing without power, life is nothing with … Read More

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History repeat itself…I been writing this for about three years ago and now I found myself at the same situations. I’m crying and I think it’s really time to say goodbye…AGAIN!

When it's time to say goodbye... A lot of my friends are asking me "Why are you so happy all the time?" since most of the time they did not see me crying but I was, I am just human, I cry. Well…maybe they did not see me crying in front of them because I know how to hide my true feelings, I was once a member of our theater arts guild in school way back high school days. Crying is one way of showing your emotions, showing what you really felt deep inside, showing that you're pai … Read More

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