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“What is the essence of being a woman?” I can still remember that question being asked to Ms. Universe 1994 Sushmita Sen of India during the pageant’s final interview. She answered “The essence of being a woman is a mother!” That answer crowns her as Ms. Universe 1994.

There will be no mankind without a mother. Can you imagine living in this world without a woman, without a mother? I know, being a man is equally important as a woman, but today and in this page I will give honor to all women of my life…women who once become a friend, a sister and a mother to me.

Gina Quiamco Bais, Nancy Quiamco Diez, Nila Quiamco Cangque, Gloria Basi Junto – They are now in the hand of our creator forever, We lost them physically but never in our hearts.

Rolyn de la Cruz – She’s my college best friend and even if we don’t have that much communications right now but still she’s always in my heart forever.

Darnel Sy Cunahap, Fines Sy Muraato, Anamarie Dubouzet Jimenez – They are big sisters for me. Sometimes life is not fair for them but they have survived, they struggle and they achieved the happiness they want for their family. They are truly an inspiration for their family.

Jennifer Bais Linga, Annaliza Dubouzet Potestad, Katherine Eseo Fabiosa – They are my childhood friends, classmates, playmates and most of all they are always my friends that are worth to treasure for a lifetime.

Sephora Qiamco Suico, Nilda Dubouzet Sy, Delilah Sy Cabag, Marian Petran Clarin and Fely Sy – They are my aunties who guide me and share some slice of their life to me. Their teachings are worth to keep for a lifetime.

Ariane Aguirre Saberola, Vernaliza Aguirre Romero, Analyn Aguirre Kurouso – They are my cousins, friends and confidants. They are sisters for me who don’t stop believing in my talents, in my skills and they are all behind me in everything I have achieved in my life. They shares a lot of laughter and tears with me. Though Analyn is biologically not a mother but she is to her nephews and to me.

Jeffsy Quiamco Trampe, Aileen Bais, Noemi Requeiron Bais, Christa Quiamco Diez, – They been a part of my life and who are always there for me every time I fall. I can’t find any person who can replace them in my heart. There are times that I can’t understand them and they can’t understand me but there’s only one language that never fails us and that is the love inside our hearts.

Dawn Ignalaga Sy – She is my rescuer. She’s my 911 hotline.

Sharah Mie Cangque Morante – She is a cousin and a best friend for a lifetime. She’s always there for me and I will always be there for her.

Sherryl Ann Cangque – I have nothing to say about her but she is a gift by God for me.

Krizzia Barris, Mao Clarin – It’s not a having a child to define what is a mother all about but it is something to do with love and care for others. Biologically they are not mothers but they are mothers and blessings to other people.

Elena Junto Aguirre – She fulfills and completes the true meaning of a mother to me.

Marivic Gazo Junto – I never consider her as a new member of the family because she’s been a part of the family even before, she will become a mother soon and she will bring new joy to the family.

Deolita Jaropillo Quiamco – There’s no greater love than being loved by a lola. I know I was spoiled by her and I know I was loved.

Maricon Quiamco Junto – If I have to choose for a sister, I will choose her again because there’s no such good sister for me than her. She is a sister who never fails to love for her family, to fight for her family and even to give her life for her family.

Consolacion Quiamco Junto – What could I ask for more from her? She’s a priceless woman for me, her worth can never be compared to any precious material thing on earth. I know, she is not a perfect mom, she is not a perfect woman but her love is undeniably unquestionable.

I can’t remember the last time that I told my mom how much I love her but I don’t have to say it always because telling her that I love her is not enough for all the things she has done in my life, to our lives. I am very grateful to have a mom like her. I love her and will always love her for the rest of my life.

To all mothers in the world thank you for giving us life, you have carried us in your womb for 9 months but you give us life and love for a lifetime.