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Take my life

Posted: September 10, 2010 in Failures & Success, Memorable Events, Personal

For about thirty years of my existence, I live my life in darkness, I live a life full of lies, full of tears, full of fears, disaster, I was blinded by the truth about what’s really life meant for me. At the age of sixteen I am already engage in different abuses in life. Any vices that you can think of, I know nothing but to survive in the midst of darkness, to survive, to fight against life but I never succeed because no matter how I tried to be that someone who is a perfect example there is something missing in my life…an emptiness that I can’t explain and can never be explain by human mind.

I been someone who is ready and willing to listen to other people, I been someone who gave advices to the problem of other people but I feel like there’s no one will be there for me when I need someone to listen, I feel like I am alone whenever I have problems in life. I been asking myself why? why? why?

September 7, 2010, Tuesday, about 7:15 in the evening at the Ballroom of Makati Sports Club, He takes my life. He takes all the burdens that I have inside. He takes all the sadness in my heart. He driven my life into something that I am always wanted for my whole life…Peace inside of me. I have experienced for the first time pure happiness, I have experienced that I am fulfilled, I have experienced for the first time that I fear nothing, I see the light as I accept Him as my one and only God. I submitted myself to Him and now I can say that I am peaceful because He knows better than me, He knows what’s the best thing for me, He is almighty and I have nothing to worry about my life. I been a sinner but He accepted me and loved me more than the love I can think of. I been away from Him but He searched me and take control of my life, a blessed life, a life that not all people are enjoying since they have not found Him yet.

“Lord, thank you for coming into my life…You are always there to Deliver me, You are always there to Heal me, You are always there to Meet my needs, You are always there to Keep me from falling and you are always there to SAVE me. I have found peace and meaning in my life, I pray that there are more people around the world who will find you and find the meaning of their lives in you!”