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Despite the Odds

Posted: July 29, 2010 in Memorable Events, Personal

It’s been a quiet sometimes after I graduated High School, I went through thick and thin in life, most of my friends and batch mates built their own families, some went abroad, some stays to serve their people, and there are some who are struggling and keep on fighting to survive just like me. After my graduation, I never thought it was the beginning of what really life can bring to me. Most of my batchmates went to college but I stopped, for some reason that my parents can’t afford to send me to school. I faced life with too much courage, too much faith and too much hope that one day my life will sail smoothly towards the end of my dreams.

Reunion among my batchmates is far away from what I want in life. I have always a negative thought of having reunion with my batchmates. What I am thinking is that they will not cooperate just like what’s happening during high school. To my surprise, our first ever Batch Reunion happen in Silay last year was a great success, we started contacting our batchmates through Friendster and cellphones, text messages, text brigade.

This year, another reunion was planned as early as January, everybody seems to be very excited, I am not expecting some Batchmates, silent type Batchmates who are very active for this reunion. This time all our plans, communications are done through Facebook, text messages and the unlimited calls (Thanks to the creators of these technologies). The date was set, the place is ready, everything is almost ready until such we have found out that we can’t pursue what is planned due to some reason beyond our control. We never give up…I am not losing my hope…we are not losing our hope. We change the venue just to pursue what is planned.

The time we’ve been waiting for has come…traveling going to the south of Negros Occidental is such a wonderful thing, bonding moments has started even before we arrive to our destination. The laughter like no tomorrow, the picture taking as if its our first time, the never ending chitchiria eating and we can’t forget the tsismis that happens during high school days. I feel like I was 15 years old then, I feel like it was high school days, I remember the tears, ang mga akig kag pamuyayaw of our dear teachers, the practice days for every activity in our school, the sharing moments. Those were the days and now we are starting to reminisce it again.

I can’t explain how happy I am for this 2nd Year Batch Reunion. After 12 years from high school, now we have our own lives but my heart never gets old and our friendship never fades. Thank you to all of you. Jesse jay, I realized and never expect that you are one of the wind beneath my wings, Marie Grace (Liit) your leadership prowess pushes me to go on, Mr. Allan and Mrs. Kristine Guttierez, you’ve showed me that life is not so easy so we need to work hard to survive. Mitch Bautista, taking pictures with you is so much fun but more than that you been a good friend to me. Ronald, you let me realized that I can be sexy in my own way as you have proved to everybody that you got sex appeal despite of our size. Joemarie Gianzon, you’ve never change, you are the same person, funny person I know since high school. Teray, you know that we are not that as close during high school time but as I know you, you open another door of friendship for the two of us. Mam Rhe, I am not showy of how much I care for you but let me tell you, you’re one of the best person I’ve ever knew. Boyet…ang cute cute mo pa rin, ang taba taba mo.LOL. Seriously, I have nothing to say about you but thank you, you are always there for me, in my ups and down of my life. I never give up coz I’ve seen hope always in your smile. Paolo, a special thank you…I never thought of someone as nice, as caring, as thoughtful as you. Marlon…do I have to write something for you? Hmmmm…you have a special place always in my heart and you know that. We have new friends coming in our lives now, you have your own and I have mine but you’re always the best friend I could ever had. Yong, our little angel…be a good boy always. I can see myself to you, my life seems to be a child again, I just want to play, I just want to eat, I just want to sleep and I always wanted to love and to be loved. That’s the child in me.

Thank you to all our Batchmates who directly and indirectly support this activity, how we wish to have you with us next time. Kathleen, thank you so much, Suzeth who paid the registration but unfortunately was not there. Joan, your softdrinks and your water is more than just a water and softdinks coz you gave it from the heart. Neil, bawi tayo next time coz this will not be the last. My dear Paul and Maricel, I salute you for being a wonderful parent that’s why you were not there with us. Sa tanan ta nga mga batchmates nga nagapabatyag sa Facebook pero unfortunately wala nakaupod thank you so much. To all of us, UNO-R Talisay Batch ’98, we made this far, we leap another step towards our goal hope to see you again for our 3rd year Batch Reunion.

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Hey Guys! It’s been so long since we planned out for this Boracay Reunion, unfortunately last night I received a not so good news because of some unexpected circumstances beyond our control. SAD TO SAY BUT WE NEED TO CANCEL OUR BORACAY REUNION. As of now I can’t explain it here but I will update you as soon as I have confirmed the problem we have encountered. We need your understanding and I have to explain it here again soon. Subong amo lang na anay ang mahambal ko. Tanan ta nga contributions, donations kag sponsorship is in good hand, soon ibalik na namon. Sa tanan nga mga administrators, facilitators, organizers kag member sa aton nga batch nga gapaninguha gid para sa sini nga reunion, Sorry for disappointing you guys pero mas worst ang matabo kung mapadayon ta, medyo dako gid katama ang risk. I will update you soon. Jay, Mitch, Paul, Mam Rhe please if you have time please call me or text me. Liit, thank you, for understanding. Thanks!