Circumstances beyond our Control

Posted: July 20, 2010 in Failures & Success, Personal


Hey Guys! It’s been so long since we planned out for this Boracay Reunion, unfortunately last night I received a not so good news because of some unexpected circumstances beyond our control. SAD TO SAY BUT WE NEED TO CANCEL OUR BORACAY REUNION. As of now I can’t explain it here but I will update you as soon as I have confirmed the problem we have encountered. We need your understanding and I have to explain it here again soon. Subong amo lang na anay ang mahambal ko. Tanan ta nga contributions, donations kag sponsorship is in good hand, soon ibalik na namon. Sa tanan nga mga administrators, facilitators, organizers kag member sa aton nga batch nga gapaninguha gid para sa sini nga reunion, Sorry for disappointing you guys pero mas worst ang matabo kung mapadayon ta, medyo dako gid katama ang risk. I will update you soon. Jay, Mitch, Paul, Mam Rhe please if you have time please call me or text me. Liit, thank you, for understanding. Thanks!

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