All about me…

When I was in my elementary years I remember that I am the slowest student in the class in terms of writing. Literally, I don’t know how to write, I hate writing and aside from that I have the worst penmanship in the class. Most of my teachers have the hard time in teaching me how to write. I almost give up…I don’t where to find the courage, the perseverance just to write. Luckily, before I graduated my elementary years I know already how to write.

During my High School…I applied to our school paper as writer. Of all the section in our school paper I was assigned in Sports of which I have the hard time in finding where to start, I have the difficulty what to write simply because I am not an athletic person nor a sports minded person. All my works went to junk, our school paper adviser never accepted any work I did. Sad but it’s reality, I am not good in writing.

During college years, I am taking up Education Course, primarily I have to write, I have to write my lesson plan, I need to write during reporting, this time I am hesitant to write for something because of my penmanship, I know I can write something better but I lost my confidence because of past experiences.

After I graduated college and as I search for work…again I need to write, well, this time I’ll be using computer to print my resume. I don’t have to worry about penmanship. As I landed to my first job, I am an encoder and still I need my writing skills again just to pay back what is being paid to me.  Until now, writing is still a requirement for me just to survive life.

Why I am writing all these things? It’s nothing for others.  Other people may say that it’s normal, it’s part of our lives to read, to write and to deal with letters and numbers most of the time. For me it’s not just simply writing, it’s not simply dealing with letters, it’s not just a form of communications but it is an outlet of my soul, it’s an expression of who I am. During my elementary years I can’t express who I am, I am afraid to show the world the real me. During High School, I am starting to open up my shell but it seems I am rejected, it seems nobody wants me because it’s me.  During college years because of rejection during high school, again I am hesitant to show the real me, I am afraid that I might be rejected again. My first job has proved that I can be who I am. This is the start of telling the world that I can write, I am not afraid anymore and I ready to embrace the real me.

Writing today, is a writing from my soul. I have nothing to afraid of, coz I have shown the world of who really I am. Challenges comes everyday of my life and the rewarding of triumph before going to bed is what I always feel. I have conquered my fears, I have conquered challenges and I will never stop writing anything I want for the rest of my life.

  1. neha pathak says:

    ur life is like me bt sumthing is different ,u r not alone cz many of us like u , i also used to write … its nice wat u have written ,its good

  2. Grace Reyes says:

    Hello friend,

    Just dropping by and to say hello and hoping you are doing fine.

    Remain blessed in Christ.

    Your Sister,


  3. Wafa says:

    “For me it’s not just simply writing, it’s not simply dealing with letters, it’s not just a form of communications but it is an outlet of my soul, it’s an expression of who I am.”
    i am truely impress tih your thoughts as if you will read my page “WHO AM I?” you will find similar words. I want to express myself BUT I AM NOT AFRAID TO SHOW MYSELF…why to be’s you!…you should be proud for who you are!

  4. arjhay says:

    Hi Grace, Thank you so much! God bless you always!

  5. arjhay says:

    Hello Wafa, letters and grammars can’t explain how we feel inside. I have to admit, most of the time I have a lot of wrong spellings, wrong grammar but I just to express what I really feel. I want to create a world of my own in my writings. Thank you so much for the encouragement. How I wish to know you better.

    • Wafa says:

      I wasn’t indicating your grammer. It’s totally okay!..i was just telling you my view point. :).. Nice to read your blog! i have almost completed it!

  6. Urmot says:

    Tagalugin mo na lang pre.

  7. Odee says:

    Gusto ko ng mga totoong tao. I have a feeling na totoong tao ka. 🙂
    Keep writing! 😀

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