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Just Being Me

Posted: September 17, 2008 in Failures & Success, Memorable Events, Personal

It takes a lot of courage to release the familiar and seemingly secure, to embrace the new. But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful. There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power. ~Alan Cohen~

I been away for a while coz I just want to make sure that when I come back I can be the person I really want to be. I am not dreaming to become someone else, I just want to be who really I am. A person armoured with courage and dream in life. All I want is to become happy, though sometimes life seems to be not okay but still the courage from deep within me to face reality is the only capital that I have in my life. I have to admit that once in my life I am trying to deny who really I am. I don’t have the courage to show the world of just being me.

Now I have come to realized that happiness cannot be reach unless you are giving yourself a true freedom. I been longing to a person whom I can’t be with no matter how I really try. Let’s just say that this person is only a part of your deep sleep, a dream. Sometimes dreams confused us, I don’t know but it’s very hard to wake up from that dream. I am always saying that upon waking up in that dream I realized that I was alone because I chose to be alone. It’s not funny to be alone anymore. I know how ironic life would bring to me but this is me.

During the past days of my life, though how hard I try telling myself that I should have to let go but seems that I was glued harder in such situation. I know, I don’t have to believe in what I really felt because this feelings will keep on hurting me. As I start laughing to myself the tears in my eyes start to fall. Is that what we meant by happiness? I’m afraid it’s not. I have to admit that I can’t be with this special person in my life because somebody else has occupied the special part of the heart and I am not that somebody else.

Now, I think is the right time to cast all those feelings deep inside of me. I am like a beggar as I look at myself and I feel pity upon seeing it. I am not just lying to others but I am lying to myself of which it’s very hard to do. As what they are saying “You can lie to others but not to yourself”. I know I’m just pretending those times that everything is alright though I am longing to be with this special person in me. I figured it out that there are times that crying is another way of healing yourself that laughters can’t cure. Now, I have to find my own happiness, I have to dream again though I know I will be hurt but i know I will become stronger to face what is reality.


Recovering from Failure

Posted: September 2, 2008 in Failures & Success

None of us has never been on the top of success without passing through the way of failure. Even the richest man in the world, the most powerful president had experienced once failure in their lives. There are people who views failure as a source of inspiration to move on, there are also who sees it as a failure itself and they just stuck to it and there are people who don’t know how to cope up failures. At the end of everything it’s not on how many failures you have in your life, but it’s how you manage to recover from it. Here are some business tips on how to recover from failure and these things can be applied also to our daily lives.

  • Swallow Your Pride – We fail because  we knew on the first place that we are on the wrong track but still we are insisting that we are right. Sometimes try to listen to others, give them chance to talk and accept their ideas. Be humble to accept the fact that there are ideas that are greater than our ideas.

  • Meditate – The hardest thing in the world is to walk away, but we need it, for you to clarify your mind, for you to think of a better ideas and for you to rest for a while away from the burden of problems and failures. Sometimes we need to meditate, reflect to yourself, ask your self what have you done. Turning your back away doesn’t means cowardliness but it’s a sort of being smart to the decisions you are making in your life.

  • Take Comfort in Your Convictions – If you think you fail, admit it and have some comfort in the idea that once in your life, it’s normal for normal people to fail.

  • Cut Yourself a Break – No one is perfect. Be who you are, we are just human, we are not divine, we were born to commit mistakes. Have a break from your daily life, make a change and live to what is right based on the mistakes you have committed.

  • Follow a Mantra“It is not the critic who counts. … The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly, who errs and comes up short again and again, who … if he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who knew neither victory nor defeat.” Theodore Roosevelt speech in 1912. Stand to what you believed, have a philosophy in life and follow it wholeheartedly every now and then.

  • Put Things in Perspective – Prioritize what is more important. Manage things depends on how important these things in your decisions in life. View it in different perspective.

  • Demolish Something – Life seems to be a vast of everything. Having all things in life may cause a great burden to us. Learn how to unload unnecessary things in life.

  • Prove Them Wrong – We fail because we think that our best wasn’t that good enough for other people. Challenge yourself that they were wrong, make something worth they think you can’t.

  • Remember the Single Greatest Truth About Failure – Learn the lesson from every failure you have made in your life.