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It’s a privilege to work in a prestige company, a company that can provide security and welfare to its people. Working in CleverBuy Inc. or CleverBuy Marketing Inc., or simply CleverBuy is just a one company managed and run by German people headed by our CEO CHRISTIAN GORG BAYER who is also the CEO of J2 Discount Travel and Tours and the CEO of Webix Business Solutions Inc., is simply a dream come true for me. It has a good intention and good objectives, good salary which is basically the bottom line why I am working. The goals are very clear. CleverBuy provides me a good office, generous boss, friendly officemates, challenging job that’s what I after in this company. DO I HAVE TO REJECT THIS KIND OF JOB?

Today if I have to define CleverBuy, what’s on mind is a FIRST CLASS ONLINE SCAM and I’m sure that’s also the definition of our customers who were victims of this Group Buying online site. Millions of pesos are coming in to this group buying site, 22 Million for the month of August 2011, 11 Million for the month of September 2011, 7 Million for the month of October, 15 million for the month November, 7 million for the month of December, 16 Million for the month of January, 12 million for the month February, 10 million for the month of March, unfortunately I was not able to keep a record for the month of April and May. Based on the figures I have it looks good, definitely a good number for the business but the biggest question is…WHERE ARE THOSE MONEY?

Running this kind of business is not that easy, we need to coordinate with partner merchants to give us a good deal or a good package which will run on the website of CleverBuy. One of our partner merchant is J2 Discount Travel and Tours, owned by Christian Gorg Bayer. They provide us package deals like Coron tour package, Boracay tour package, Puerto princesa tour package and Bohol tour package in a very low price, no, in a negative price. The costing of 1 package will reach up to 15,000 pesos including the airfare and accommodation but CleverBuy is selling it for only 9,900 pesos. You may ask me why CleverBuy is selling this kind of service in a negative price. According to Mr. Bayer this is only to generate more income, to have an enticing look and to have instant cash. DOES IT SOUND LIKE A BUSINESS?

Thousands of customers purchased from CleverBuy. Well, Mr. Bayer may be right, there’s instant cash from this kind of business, million of cash in an instant. J2 was able to send customers to their preferred destinations, they even rented private planes, chartered flights just to accommodate our customers’ needs and we are able to generate funds and we live in a luxurious lifestyle. High budget events, prestige launching, expensive marketing strategies, online advertisement from different online platforms, high priced online games, facebook advertisement which reaches up to 45,000 per month…not in pesos but in EUROS for facebook advertisement alone, new office with the rental of 400,000+ pesos in a month and sad to say we are not able to use the new office since January until today but we are paying the rental of the said office. CleverBuy expanded in other countries like Thailand and Indonesia; hiring new people in these countries, paying too high for these people cause they were pirated in other group buying sites. These are some of the activities of CleverBuy and all these activities were approved by our General Manager David Staudigel and our CEO Christian Bayer. IF YOU ARE A GOOD BUSINESSMAN, WILL YOU SPEND TOO MUCH FOR ALL THESE THINGS?

The recent year, based on the figures given above it seems like CleverBuy is slowly taking it slope down. The first quarter of 2012 shows that CleverBuy is not doing well. Same with J2 discount Travel and Tours, they are not doing well due to a lot of complaints against them, they are not answering phone calls, they are not replying to customers’ emails primarily because CleverBuy is not giving them anymore enough funds for the redeeming customers. Many of our customers who purchased from the previous year want to redeem their voucher from J2 Discount Travel and Tours this summer. They want to grab the opportunity of enjoying vacation this summer using the services offered by J2 Discount Travel and Tour in a very low price. CleverBuy fund starts to deplete, chaos starts to rise from J2 and another travel agency who offers the same problem to our customers, the Trip Toe Travel and Tours. CleverBuy paid the total amount of more or less 5 million pesos to Trip Toe Travel and Tours for the service that is supposed to be for our customers; unfortunately they were not able to provide the services they offer. DO YOU THINK THIS IS THE ROOT OF THE PROBLEM?

First week of May 2012 Mr. Bayer wants to shut down J2 Discount Travel and Tours because of the never ending complaints against them and the never ending bookings, new bookings, new reservation and the never ending liabilities to different hotels and tour operators. Costumers are running to CleverBuy because they can’t reach J2 anymore, it’s already closed and most of the staffs resigned from their positions. CleverBuy management wants to take the responsibility from J2, as manager we have foreseen the future that it will cause more chaos if we will not take charge of what’s happening with J2 because we from CleverBuy has the responsibility and liability for our customers. CleverBuy staffs were assigned to entertain customers of J2, handle new bookings, make new reservation, coordinating with some of the customers, updating customers with the previous commitments made by J2. We took the responsibility from J2 of hoping that everything will be okay as promised by the top management that they will do their best to save the company; because of that promise that they always be there behind our back we are able to get back the confidence of our customers. We made promises to our customers and it’s not our intention to lie to them, it’s not our intention to give them false hope because we are still holding on to that promise that everything will be okay, that they will provide us a new fund, that they will support us. WHO WILL BE RESPONSIBLE THEN IF WE DID NOT TAKE THE RESPONSIBILITY OF J2?

Taking charge of the new responsibilities, we forget our previous job responsibilities, our very own job. The fund of CleverBuy is completely depleted because we are paying not only our merchants, not only our own employees, not only the company expenses but the company expenses of Webix Business Solutions Inc., the company expenses of J2 Discount Travel and Tours and CleverBuy is also sending fund to Intermax AG (company owned and managed by Christian Bayer in Czech Republic that provides adult dating sites in European countries) amounting to 25,000 EUROS per month. All these expenses came from the payments made by our customers here in the Philippines. HOW CAN THEY BE A HELP TO CLEVERBUY PHILIPPINES IF THESE GERMAN PEOPLE ARE TAKING MONEY FROM US INSTEAD OF SENDING NEW FUND FOR CLEVERBUY?

“The boat is sinking!” Those are the serious words we got from Mr. Edgardo S. Garcia who happened to be the President and the dummy owner of all these companies created by Christian Bayer. He is simply manipulated by these German people to run the business in the country. Because of that serious joke from Mr. Garcia, our Project Manager in the persona of Mr. Christoffer Aranez who is supposed to be responsible for the entire operation of CleverBuy quits in his position in the middle of crisis in the company. Managers were left behind together with the rank and file employees. We want the company to survive, we are still holding on because we are afraid that we might be losing our job. We are holding on to the promise they made, new fund is coming, new investor is coming, we can generate more funds but we have realized that no one is coming to save us, no more funds for CleverBuy, no more salary for the employees, no commissions, pending and filing up liabilities, no more payments for the merchants, refunds are getting bigger and bigger it’s because some of our partner merchants are not accepting the voucher of CleverBuy anymore because we have not paid them. Irate customers coming to the office complaining of the services of our partner merchants, complaining of J2 services, complaining the process of the refunds, merchants are coming to the offices asking for the payment for the services they have provided to our customers but our employees and staffs absorbed all those things from our customers and merchants despite of the harassment, the threat and the verbal abuse, we understand the situation it’s because we can feel how difficult it is to spend a hundred thousand of pesos for nothing. It’s not our job to face these people; it was just assign to us because they have seen the potential from us to work well and to pacify these people. CAN YOU BLAME US IF WHAT WE WANTED IS SIMPLY TO HOLD ON WITH THE SITUATION?

Despite of what we have experience from our customers and from our partner merchants we are not losing our hope that our employer will help us. We remain calm; we still keep the diplomacy between our customers and CleverBuy. The most painful thing is that we keep our customers to believe in us despite the fact that something might not happen anymore. We have built friendship from some of them, some of them were so good to us, they have entrusted us the fate of their vouchers, and some of them consider us as heroes from their bad experience with J2 and Trip Toe. No matter how hard we try to push through the promises we made but we are just simply an ordinary employees, helpless and are just contented of what we got from our employer. We have not fulfilled our promises to them and that’s the heaviest burden we are carrying right now, the guilt inside us. WILL YOU CURSE US BECAUSE WE HAVE NOT FULFILLED OUR PROMISES DESPITE OF ALL THE EFFORTS WE HAVE DONE?

First week of June 2012, our CEO Christian Bayer arrived here in the Philippines. We are hoping that he will bring good news for all of us. We are hoping that he will solve all these problems but our hopes shattered when he wants to declare bankruptcy for CleverBuy, for J2 and for Webix Business Solutions Inc. This is not what we are aiming for. We have our own families who depend on us. We gave our lives for this company, we risk our names and we gamble our future in CleverBuy and in just one snap he disowned us. He has the guts to say that he is NOT the owner of CleverBuy. He has the guts to tell us all that we will not expect anything from them anymore. Even our salary, we can’t have it anymore. Customers are cursing us, threatening us, throwing hurtful words for us, we have a boss who disowned us, did not support us anymore, partner merchants who are filing case against us, pending complaints at DTI and NBI against us. WHO ARE WE AND WHERE ARE WE NOW?

As of this writing Mr. Bayer is preparing to build for another company. No more CleverBuy, no more J2 Discount Travel and Tours and no more Webix Business Solutions Inc. A new company is coming out under his power, unknown yet but this company will still provide services for adult dating sites, pornographic sites for European countries. He will be using the talent and skills of Filipino people but he will not give security for them just like he did for us.


I am the type of person who loves to shop with DISCOUNTS! I mean, I love to have discounts even in a single item. Who doesn’t love discount anyway? Shopping is fun, dinning, relaxing, spa and even events and are really fun but sometimes what’s wrong with us is we are tired of roaming around, we are tired of searching for a better items. What we always wanted is something ready to grab and to enjoy.

Group buying is a craze already in town. Why? Because it is something that is offered to us right in the very front of our computer. Just one click and you will know what’s hot in the Metro.  Discounted offers from different merchants that’s what all about and it’s happening everyday. The challenge is you have to grab the offer within the given time frame. It’s challenging but it’s so great to know that you can have something lesser than it’s original price.

A friend of mine invited me to check this new site,, and I ask him, what’s new with this one? It’s just a website, but he told me it’s something you can have, you can shop with the lesser price, staying in a spa and enjoying the whole package with 50% – 90% discount, staying in a 3 stars to 5 stars hotel enjoying in a luxurious lifestyle and  all the facilities while only paying the half and that’s really great. It’s very interesting to check the site now and then and what they can offer to the public. As we all know, every Juan loves to have discount, even if you belong to Class A in the society, you can’t deny the fact that  you prefer to have that lesser price than to it’s original price. Just picture it out; In a certain restaurant you walk in to dine and have this menu worth 1,000 pesos while you can have the same menu at 500 pesos when you purchase it through!?  Does it sounds practical? That’s what is aiming to every Juan in the Metro.

Almost 12 years when I graduated from high school, I miss the fun, I miss those crying and laughing days, I miss all my classmates and batchmates and most of all I miss my friends, especially those who were there for me in times of trouble and loneliness (kabalo na sila kung sin-o sila).  12 years ago…,/p>

Last year, We have organized a reunion in Silay, it was a lot of fun and even few hours that we have spent together is worth to treasure for a lifetime. After that day we have agreed to organized another reunion, now in Boracay Island, someone in our batch volunteer to shoulder the foods and accommodation expenses. That sounds very interesting that someone in our batch is willing to give for the sake of friendship and for fun.

Lately, we have realized that we have to make an objective, we have to aim some goal for it’s not merely just for fun. There must be reason behind this reunion. Some of these reasons are as follows:

  • We want to organized formally our Batch, we are planning to register our Batch in SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) as a Non-profit Organization. Why we need to register? Technically and legally, we have to. Before we can ask some donations or solicit from other people we need some documents to proved our existence.
  • We will open an account for our Batch. Why there is a need for our Batch to open an account? We want to raise fund for future used. Who knows in the future we will have our Batch Foundation of which we will be extending help to our batchmates who are not capable of sending their children to school, financial help to start a new business and the like. Money matters should always be legal matter. Everything must be in black and white.
  • We will elect officers for our batch to manage the whole thing. Soon, our batch will be hosting the UNO-R Talisay Alumni Homecoming…when that time will come, everything will sail smoothly because we have established a strong foundation in our batch even before that time will come.

Now is the right time to show that we are united and still existing. Even though we are not in school anymore, even though we have our own lives now, but we can show and we can help in our own small ways by helping this activity to succeed.

Boracay reunion will be on the last weekend of May 2010 or first weekend of June 2010. We have a registration of Php 200 per head, that will be used for extra expenses during the reunion. Due date will be on May 16, 2010. Upon paying the registration fee you have confirmed that you will go with us in Boracay. For the meantime, we don’t have any account for our batch, so we will be using the BDO savings account of Ms. Joan Toque or you can visit her at the 2nd Floor of BDO Shopping Capitol Branch, North Drive, Bacolod City. Please keep your deposit slip as a proof of confirmation. For our batchmates in far areas and in abroad who are willing to give something for our batch…your help is very much appreciated. We accept also donations in kind. You can contact Rolecon (that’s me!!!) at 09053678799 or email me at After the reunion expect that we will post a report(Financial report) in here.

Think of something big, dream big not just for today but also for tomorrow.