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Ghosts from the Past

Posted: March 26, 2010 in Personal

After a life full of heartaches, full of  frustrations, full of disappointments, I manage to stand again and continue my journey in life. I believed that there’s no such thing as “MULTO” (Ghost) when you know how to face the past, acceptance and recognition of your mistakes. Hoping for the best in the future is the best weapon we can have and today is a gift that each one of us must celebrate.

Last year I work in a movie production (Cinegang Entertainment Productions)…the film (Amamanhig) is a suspense-drama, scary, and full of emotion but for me…it is about ACCEPTANCE and UNDERSTANDING. I can relate to the movie, as if, it’s the real thing happening to me. It’s a realization that I have to look back from my past for me to gain strength to face my future. It’s not the usual movie if will just widen your understanding beyond literal meaning.

The movie and I are of the same story. I am scared to face my future because I am scared to accept my past. I can’t go on because I don’t know where I came from. I have no direction in life because something in my past is pulling me back. I lost my dream because I keep believing in GHOSTS FROM THE PAST.