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The Soft Heart

Posted: December 3, 2008 in Failures & Success, Personal

ms. annEver since I was born in this world, I always believed that I have a wooden heart. I don’t know why but it seems it’s very hard hard for me to cry. Well, there are instances that I thought I am soft, I am weak, I know, I am not completely as hard as what you think, I do cry alone. I don’t want anybody see me crying. That’s me!

Writing about the life of other people is very hard for me to write, but I guess I have to start writing about those people who touches my life since I can never be me without them, they are part of being me. This post is dedicated to a person whom I think an opposite of being me.

She’s been a cousin, a companionship, a colleagues and a friend. She is humble enough in doing many things, she is soft, opposite of being me. She cries even in simple and small thing. I don’t know why but her weakness makes me soft and realized that not all the time I have to be strong, she’s weak because she loves everybody around her and that’s the greatest thing that I don’t have. I was jealous in so many things about her. She knows how to love, she knows how to accept humility with whole heartedly. People think that she don’t have any problem, that she’s always okay but there are times that she just sit the corner thinking on how to iron things out.

During her journey in life, she once fall. She fall in love to a person who is not capable of loving her and a person who can’t fight for love. The love that she have kept in her heart created a new life and gave her the meaning and reason to fight what is life all about and to live life to the fullest. She encountered a lot of things that really hurt her as a person. It seems that she was abondoned by her friends, she was criticized by her family but she keeps the love in her heart. She never forget to love those people who leaves her when she fall. Life must go on as she said but life never seems so easy for her. She have to survived the cruelty of life to her. She brought life with love, compassion and humility.

Now, that she’s moving on, I can’t imagine how life brought her to a bettter life, a life full of pure love, no hatred at all, very deep understanding, unreachable humility and a life with too much faith. These are the things I don’t have, these are the things that made me realized that it doesn’t mean you are crying you are weak, it doesn’t mean that when you commit mistake once you can never be right, it doesn’t mean being right is always right and it doesn’t you can’t love to people who doesn’t love you. Life is always be beautiful when we know how to accept humility and share love though there are hatred inside of us.