UNO-R Talisay Batch ’98 Reunion

Posted: April 29, 2010 in Current Events, Memorable Events

Almost 12 years when I graduated from high school, I miss the fun, I miss those crying and laughing days, I miss all my classmates and batchmates and most of all I miss my friends, especially those who were there for me in times of trouble and loneliness (kabalo na sila kung sin-o sila).  12 years ago…,/p>

Last year, We have organized a reunion in Silay, it was a lot of fun and even few hours that we have spent together is worth to treasure for a lifetime. After that day we have agreed to organized another reunion, now in Boracay Island, someone in our batch volunteer to shoulder the foods and accommodation expenses. That sounds very interesting that someone in our batch is willing to give for the sake of friendship and for fun.

Lately, we have realized that we have to make an objective, we have to aim some goal for it’s not merely just for fun. There must be reason behind this reunion. Some of these reasons are as follows:

  • We want to organized formally our Batch, we are planning to register our Batch in SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) as a Non-profit Organization. Why we need to register? Technically and legally, we have to. Before we can ask some donations or solicit from other people we need some documents to proved our existence.
  • We will open an account for our Batch. Why there is a need for our Batch to open an account? We want to raise fund for future used. Who knows in the future we will have our Batch Foundation of which we will be extending help to our batchmates who are not capable of sending their children to school, financial help to start a new business and the like. Money matters should always be legal matter. Everything must be in black and white.
  • We will elect officers for our batch to manage the whole thing. Soon, our batch will be hosting the UNO-R Talisay Alumni Homecoming…when that time will come, everything will sail smoothly because we have established a strong foundation in our batch even before that time will come.

Now is the right time to show that we are united and still existing. Even though we are not in school anymore, even though we have our own lives now, but we can show and we can help in our own small ways by helping this activity to succeed.

Boracay reunion will be on the last weekend of May 2010 or first weekend of June 2010. We have a registration of Php 200 per head, that will be used for extra expenses during the reunion. Due date will be on May 16, 2010. Upon paying the registration fee you have confirmed that you will go with us in Boracay. For the meantime, we don’t have any account for our batch, so we will be using the BDO savings account of Ms. Joan Toque or you can visit her at the 2nd Floor of BDO Shopping Capitol Branch, North Drive, Bacolod City. Please keep your deposit slip as a proof of confirmation. For our batchmates in far areas and in abroad who are willing to give something for our batch…your help is very much appreciated. We accept also donations in kind. You can contact Rolecon (that’s me!!!) at 09053678799 or email me at After the reunion expect that we will post a report(Financial report) in here.

Think of something big, dream big not just for today but also for tomorrow.

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