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It’s been a while since the last time I have updated my page…broken-hearted, rejection and so many hopeless things that happen with my life. One thing that I have learned is that “I am human”…I am hurt, I can feel the pain and I have to moved on. I learned to let go of people and somehow it eases the pain inside of me.

Creating a brand new me is so difficult, it’s so hard to begin new steps in my life. Someone came in my life that helps me recover from the past. Someone who teaches me that life isn’t about material things but sharing those material things for the one you love. Crazy but it’s true…loving someone requires so many things but I have learned important ways on how to show it. To give and give. Don’t count the efforts.

Meeting people in a very unexpected time is what I hate the most coz it won’t permit me to be ready with the consequences but recent things that happen in my life, I love how my fate throw some surprises to me. Meeting someone who have trusted me despite of a very short period of time is something that I should be proud of.

Knowing this person requires me to change my priorities, I have to manage my time well, I have to be as simple as what I should be and giving the gift of love is my goal for this someone who came into my life during my most difficult time. Someone who teaches me how to love myself and leave something for myself. I am so grateful to know that this person who came in life who is willing to listen and willing to care.

I am just hoping that someday, the one who came in my life will be a lifetime commitment.


Why it’s so hard to fall in love without complication…I mean, if you love someone he/she loves another someone!? If he/she loves you, so hard to give than what you could give. Life is so ironic and there’s no such thing as perfect life unless you give everything to God, then it’s the most joyful life.

I been in love before, I almost give up my life for that special someone, I learned how to sacrifice and I learned to give because of that special someone. My life seems to be in the cloud nine everytime I spent my time for just the two of us. Life is to beautiful and I just thought that it’s gonna be forever unfortunately forever is just a dream, a fantasy, it’s not real.

I been facing life with so much courage, so much hope that everything will be alright. Leaving me is something that I keep on denying deep inside of me, it’s not true but it was. This someone special teaches so many things but I have realized that one thing that I am always longing will never be given to me.

As I have moved on with my life, I was alone but never lonely until such one day the longing for love keep on hunting me. Someone came into my life, I thought this is the one that I been waiting for…starting to fall in love again, in a way that only me knows what I felt deep inside. I hide it coz am afraid to risk, I am afraid to lost it again, I’m afraid to be rejected…I am coward to love again. Before I knew that I am fully in love, I don’t know why but this someone I thought who can love me has another someone special. Another love story of mine has ended before it started.

It’s so sad to know that I keep on running about love, I always longing for true love but I always end up alone and broken hearted…do I have cry all the time? Do I have to feel the pain inside of me for the rest of my life? Where can I find the one who can love me for who I am? I just wanted to love and be loved. I just wanted someone whom I can share my life. I just want to have someone whose face will be the last face I saw before I close my eyes and the first face upon waking up. Most of all…I just want to have someone who will never break my heart again.

Who are your friends?

Posted: February 5, 2011 in Personal
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Just recently I have realized that not all angels can fly coz not all angels have wings, sometimes they are just ordinary people like you and me but they always bring the best out in you, they are the people whom God has chosen to be your friends.

I don’t know what’s the magic with friendship…there is a chemistry or physics…whatever it is, that binds two strangers to share something beyond what’s brotherhood or sisterhood all about. There is life in friendship that no one can explain why and how it’s happening to people. We can’t live alone that’s why God created friends.

Just like you, I have also my own set of friends and they are the people who were there for me in times of trials and blues in life. It’s so good to have a lot of friends coz they are the people who will left you up when you are facing weary in life. Yeah, there are times that we losses a friend because of some reason but friends will always be friends forever. There are times that you will be facing a lot of trials in life but it becomes easy and light if you have friends who are willing to share their time and their lives with you. We even have our own criteria in choosing to have friends but what’s more important is…we have someone who will always be there for us and will love us without any reservations, accepting the whole you and embracing who will you become. You can determined a real friend in times of challenges in life coz they are the people who will pick you up in times of trouble even in the midst of the night and they will take you back home.

We have to treasure old friends, they are like wines, the older it is…the more it becomes expensive. Cherish new friends they are like diamonds…the more you get closer, the more you will appreciate it.

I am a little bit excited because I have my new blog site from And same with my other blog site I choose to have this “Sa Pakiwari ko…” since I will be telling you about my fantasies, my dreams in life, my failures and triumphs, my wishes in life, my journey and many other things which primarily talks about my opinion.

I have a simple life and a simple dreams, and writing anything is presently makes me happy, it’s my outlet in life, and I can find some comfort with writing. Actually, before when I was young (actually, I’m still young, young at heart) I really hate my teacher when she told me to write something with my journal notebook. I don’t know, but I really don’t like to write, as I grow up I’ve realized that my teacher is right, there is a joy in writing, especially writing about what you felt, your emotion, and the things deep within you. And now, it’s a hobby of mine to write anything and everything under the sun. Sometimes, if I have nothing to write I reach to the point that I am already writing a movie script.

The header symbolizes the wide and calm sunrise, a new sunrise that comes in my life, a new morning in my journey in life. The color orange symbolizes the wisdom, wisdom that I gained from all the mistakes that I have encountered during my journey in life. The water, represents the people that inspires me, the events, the memories in my life, of which always ends in the wide sea. It guides me to the wider point of view of my life and that will be the ocean, which can be found at the end of the river. And the darkness, it always reminds me that after a midnight, another dawn is coming, and a new sunrise will shine upon. The trees that surrounds the river, symbolizes my family and friends who were always there for me, giving me life, they are the one who gave me shades when trouble comes. And the sun, symbolizes our Father in heaven that keeps on watching us, giving hope and new inspiration everyday of our lives.

Please bare with me as I start my journey…