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I am so grateful for what’s happening in my life right now. I am so blessed and overwhelmed because of what God has done in my life. God has open the flood gate of heaven for me…as what He has promised for all of us. I never ask for more than what I need but my God, our Father in Heaven pour the blessings on me. More than the money and material things He gave me Love, Peace and Joy in my heart.

When I almost give up…struggling life for nothing…I am so tired running my whole life against life, when I lost direction, when I was alone and no one is around, when I cry out but no one hears me, when I need help but no one extend hands for me, when I need someone to cry on but no shoulder to lean on…I was alone in the middle of nowhere…I’m so helpless. Giving up is my last remedy but because I am a believer of luck so it happen to me. I thought I restore all the things that I have lost, I regain a strength, draw it from family, from friends and I am just thinking that I can do it for myself but I used to fail at the end. Why I fail? Because I never submitted myself to God. I thought life will run smoothly, I think it runs smoothly but the emptiness deep inside of me everytime I get in my room and made me realized that I am still alone and no one is around, the holes in my life that keep on haunting me, I never become a whole until such I knew Jesus in my life.

I have to admit, I never knew Him, I maybe knew Him but I don’t have a relationship with Him before the way I have now. The time I knew Him, He crashed my life, He destroyed me, Jesus came into my life and destroy me, He ruined my life, I even don’t know myself anymore but He created a new me, He creates a new masterpiece in me. I can’t trace myself anymore, I am gone, I died also in the cross with Jesus and raise again into life that’s why I can’t recognize myself anymore.

Jesus came into my life to save me not to condemn. He came to give me Freedom not to prison me, He gave me Love and not to punish me for what I have done in the past. Now…my heart is filled with joy for I have live my life according to His purpose and not mine.