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The Reason…

Posted: December 17, 2010 in Memorable Events, Personal
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What comes in your mind when we talk about Christmas? Some are thinking about parties, drinks, gifts, bonuses, money and festivities. Some are thinking about abundance and prosperity. Some says it’s the birthday of Jesus. Yes, it’s true, it’s not exactly the date of birth of Jesus but once in a year we used to commemorate the birth of our Lord Jesus. We can celebrate Christmas everyday of our lives if we just only knew the real meaning of it. Have you ever think what’s the real meaning of Christmas?

Christmas is about Jesus. It’s His birthday, we are celebrating His life. He was sent by our Father in Heaven to save us from our sins. Some says it’s not biblical to celebrate Christmas, yes it’s true, some says it’s paganism, yes it’s true, It is true because most of us nowadays celebrate Christmas because it’s Christmas. Most of us doesn’t know what is Christmas all about. Why can’t we celebrate the real meaning of the coming of Jesus in our lives? Christmas is about Him and only Him. If someone celebrates it’s birthday we used to give gifts, isn’t it? It’s Jesus’ Birthday and He wants also a gift from us…you might be wondering how, since Jesus is God so he doesn’t need a gift at all…but He does. Jesus wants our lives. He wants us to surrender our lives to Him. He wants us to follow Him, He wants us to celebrate life with Him. We are sinners but He pay the price on the cross for us. That’s how much He loves us. WE ARE THE REASON WHY THERE IS CHRISTMAS because our Father in Heaven does not want us to live in sins. WE ARE THE REASON WHY HE DIED ON THE CROSS. I realized that there’s something that God can’t do…we all know that there’s no impossible with Him but NO. There’s something that He can’t do…HE CAN’T TAKE AWAY HIS LOVE FROM US! He even allow the fate His only son to die on the cross for the sake of our salvation.

More than 2,000 years ago when Jesus leaves footprints here on earth. But why most of us can’t accept the foot prints that He leaves in our hearts? Why we keep on rejecting Him as our Lord and our only savior? Why can’t we live with our God? He has proven His love to us from the very first beat of our heart up to the last breath we have in our lives but why we keep on questioning his love for us. Christmas is love and it’s not about me…it;s not about you…it’s not about us…it’s about the love of Jesus.