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Why it’s so hard to see the one you love crying because she /he was left behind!? It’s more painful watching him / her crying because he / she was hurt by the one he / she loves. Personally am just wishing that I could be that someone who will be there for that someone I loved the most during the time I saw the tears that are in the eyes of that someone I love. Just like any other guy who have experienced this strange feelings and no matter how I try to let go but the feeling remains. Painful to admit but I tried to let go of what I really felt but sad to say that the roots of this strange feelings keep on holding deep down inside my heart.

I know it’s wrong to wish something bad for them, it’s wrong to wish to have that someone you love to be with you instead of being with him. No matter how I tried to understand but my mind keeps on refusing to understand…my heart keeps on telling me that I was hurt…my soul keeps on desiring that special someone I loved to be with me…but no matter how I tried…I am just simply an ordinary man, I am nothing special, all I have is this strange feelings they called LOVE.

How wish that I could be that someone who will be there for that someone special those days when tears are falling. How I wish to be that someone who will care when nobody cares. How I wish to be that someone who will extend a hand when it’s badly needed. How I wish that I could be that someone who will wipe the tears. I just want to show how much I care…I just want give love more than I think I could give…but I am simply an ordinary friend for that someone I love…I am simply that someone…nothing special and can never be with that someone I really loved. If only I could be that someone who could give the love that you been searching for…


Why it’s so hard to fall in love without complication…I mean, if you love someone he/she loves another someone!? If he/she loves you, so hard to give than what you could give. Life is so ironic and there’s no such thing as perfect life unless you give everything to God, then it’s the most joyful life.

I been in love before, I almost give up my life for that special someone, I learned how to sacrifice and I learned to give because of that special someone. My life seems to be in the cloud nine everytime I spent my time for just the two of us. Life is to beautiful and I just thought that it’s gonna be forever unfortunately forever is just a dream, a fantasy, it’s not real.

I been facing life with so much courage, so much hope that everything will be alright. Leaving me is something that I keep on denying deep inside of me, it’s not true but it was. This someone special teaches so many things but I have realized that one thing that I am always longing will never be given to me.

As I have moved on with my life, I was alone but never lonely until such one day the longing for love keep on hunting me. Someone came into my life, I thought this is the one that I been waiting for…starting to fall in love again, in a way that only me knows what I felt deep inside. I hide it coz am afraid to risk, I am afraid to lost it again, I’m afraid to be rejected…I am coward to love again. Before I knew that I am fully in love, I don’t know why but this someone I thought who can love me has another someone special. Another love story of mine has ended before it started.

It’s so sad to know that I keep on running about love, I always longing for true love but I always end up alone and broken hearted…do I have cry all the time? Do I have to feel the pain inside of me for the rest of my life? Where can I find the one who can love me for who I am? I just wanted to love and be loved. I just wanted someone whom I can share my life. I just want to have someone whose face will be the last face I saw before I close my eyes and the first face upon waking up. Most of all…I just want to have someone who will never break my heart again.