That someone I loved!

Posted: September 17, 2011 in Failures & Success, Memorable Events, Personal
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It’s hard to say what you really felt inside to someone if that someone only expect you to be a good friend. It’s quiet sometime that I know this someone, expecting me to be a good friend, expecting me to be there during the troublesome but how I wish to have this someone to love me and to care for me.

I keep on fighting what I really felt coz I don’t want to ruin the friendship and I am afraid lossing this someone I love. Keeping what I really felt makes me weak, it losses my direction in life, it makes me forget who really I am. I been a fool. I keep reaching the hand of this someone I love but everytime I open up arms for this someone I love, I just realized that I was left behind.

It’s hurting me…I can feel the pain but I have no reason why should I act and why should I feel this way coz I am just a FRIEND and nothing else.

I wish those arms will hug me. How I wish those eyes will tell that it cares. How I wish those hands will hold and will never let me go. How I wish I am a part of those sleepless nights, dreaming of forever but I am just a friend.

I been a fighter for my whole life. I been fighting just to have what I want but is it worth fighting if that someone you love tells you that giving up life is easy just to have that forever with another guy!?

All I desire in my whole life is to have that someone who will LOVE me, who will care for me and willing to give up life just for me but I how wish to be the only man in your life that you will keep forever.

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