One Day

Posted: August 30, 2011 in Failures & Success, Memorable Events, Personal
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I don’t know where to start my post today. I just love to write something but I don’t know anything. Strange but this is how I feel, I don’t know where to start. Well, I guess, I have to talk about friendship, love, true love and losing someone you love. I have just watched the movie “One Day”. It’s a light-hearted story. Less drama and some kind of a boring story for those who are not in love and for those who haven’t fall in love but for me it’s something that I am longing for so long. How I wish, I was with the one I love for this movie. 😦

The story is about friendship, trying to deny what they really felt and it takes about 20 years to complete their love story unfortunately it ends with a tragedy. Losing the one that you been longing for about 20 years. That’s how the story runs. I don’t want to elaborate further the story coz I want you to experience the movie by yourself.

The movie title struck me. “ONE DAY” We can never tell how long we live our lives, right? We can never tell what’s gonna be tomorrow for us. I am just wondering if the one I love will shed some tears for me when I’m gone??? I think…no! Sad to say but that’s true coz I have seen the one I loved crying and those tears are not for me but for someone else. I am just hoping that there will be ONE DAY in my life where I can tell what’s really inside my heart and how I am afraid losing that someone I loved the most. Maybe I am just stupid enough of dreaming for that someone not realizing that I am just living in my fantasy, it’s not real, it’s just an illusion and how I wish to wake up very soon. I always keep telling myself that I am alone but I am not lonely, unfortunately, I was. I am lonely and I am always longing for love. I am always longing for someone whom the last face I want see before closing my eyes and the first when I woke up each morning. I am always longing for some arms to embrace me during some coldy nights. I am always longing for someone to hold my hands when I’m about to give up and someone who will be there pushing me when I am about to fall.

I can’t fight loneliness. I can’t push people to like me and I can’t command for that someone I loved to love me in return. Just like the story in “One Day”, longing for someone you love for too long, so many circumstances and obstacle comes along the way but the day you finally found the one you love…you will gone in your own love story. How I wish that if someday that would happen to me, I’ll be gone in my own love story, someone will stand and be the witness of my love. I know there will be ONE DAY in my life…and that one day will determine and will shape my own love story before everything will end for me.

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