…if you could only be mine!

Posted: August 20, 2011 in Failures & Success, Memorable Events, Personal

“Wish I could be the one, the one who could give you love.
The kind of love you really need.
Wish I could say to you that I’ll always stay with you.
But, Baby that’s not me.”

Sometimes in our lives, we find someone whom we think we can give our love, unfortunately our love is not enough for what they need. It’s painful to think that they can’t love you because you are weak, you are not strong as what they are expecting from you. Is it enough reason why other people can’t love you because of the way you want to love them?

I was once strong enough to face what love can bring into my life. Strong in the sense that I can handle what life may bring to me. I don’t easily cry, hard mind and heart when it comes to love. I rather choose to have a better career and to work for money and it made me realized that it’s all nothing if you are enjoying the best of life alone. You have money and you can get anything you want but sad to say it’s not the best of life without real love.

I choose to be weak, thinking that this may change the way I drive my life. I choose to love but no one cares. I choose to submit myself but I was rejected. I choose to cry but only to tear my heart into pieces. I choose to take chances but I’m losing it. Until such I realized that I choose to reach out my hands but no one was there coz I am just only dreaming, it’s just a fantasy and I was left behind.

I choose to live life of my own, living without mask, living what life may brings, enjoying every seconds of my life. Single but happy, I used to spend more of my time for myself, loving myself without thinking of anything, something and anyone but in my most unexpected time someone came, teaching my heart to beat again…this is the one that I been waiting for. I learn how to love again, I learn to give myself, and I learn to share my time. Somehow it makes me smile when I am alone, thinking of this someone makes my day worth to live. I am inspired to live my life again. Until one day, I just open up my eyes and you were not there, you told me that you someone else more than me, and you can’t afford losing this someone you love. I even asked myself “Am I not worthy to be loved?” I can give my all, I can give my best and I can give my heart……if you could only be mine!

  1. mokkah says:

    most of the time we tend to make ourselves feel to be wanted by others and eventually try to feel we are empty when we are not… God only shows us the true progression of life and we just don’t see through it… it is true that love is not enough but it is just enough to fill in any loneliness we have so always hope to love others and time will just tell when the right one comes along… it is more acceptable to sacrifice for love than to end up losing yourself…

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