Unrevealed Love Story

Posted: August 1, 2011 in Failures & Success, Memorable Events, Personal
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It maybe sounds stupid for others but I have just realized how good to be in love despite of the fact that the one you love doesn’t have an idea that you love him/her. If you are in love you learn how to smile without any reason, you learn how to appreciate simple things, you always glow, there’s no such thing as bad day, it’s always a beautiful day, you appreciate people, you learn how to  forgive and most of all you find meaning to your life.

It might be sad to know that you love someone but that someone can’t afford to love you back. It’s sad to know that you cry for that someone but that someone cries for another person. Stupid as they say but I guess that’s love, you are willing to sacrifice, you are willing to let go, you are willing to give without expecting for something in return. You are contented watching him/her leaving. Trying to be happy and you keep on ignoring yourself, you keep on denying the pain you felt inside. Is it really love?

Do you believe that love comes unexpectedly? Yung tipong di mo inaasahan na darating sa buhay mo and you thought that for so many things that happen to your life, you will not fall in love again and you’re afraid to love and to be loved again. But what if one day someone will come, knocking your heart begging you to love him/her? Will you let go of that someone you love and welcome the one begging you?

We are always running for the one we love, we waste our tears for that someone special in our heart, we keep on hurting ourselves and hoping against  hope. Why can’t we give ourselves a little freedom, let love come in, let us welcome people who wants to share their lives with us, who knows they are the right someone we’ve been waiting for. Don’t be afraid to love, love hurts but love never lose hope. Just be in love and enjoy the pain and happiness, the hope and the faith, freedom and forgiveness, sacrifice and true love.

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