Who are your friends?

Posted: February 5, 2011 in Personal
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Just recently I have realized that not all angels can fly coz not all angels have wings, sometimes they are just ordinary people like you and me but they always bring the best out in you, they are the people whom God has chosen to be your friends.

I don’t know what’s the magic with friendship…there is a chemistry or physics…whatever it is, that binds two strangers to share something beyond what’s brotherhood or sisterhood all about. There is life in friendship that no one can explain why and how it’s happening to people. We can’t live alone that’s why God created friends.

Just like you, I have also my own set of friends and they are the people who were there for me in times of trials and blues in life. It’s so good to have a lot of friends coz they are the people who will left you up when you are facing weary in life. Yeah, there are times that we losses a friend because of some reason but friends will always be friends forever. There are times that you will be facing a lot of trials in life but it becomes easy and light if you have friends who are willing to share their time and their lives with you. We even have our own criteria in choosing to have friends but what’s more important is…we have someone who will always be there for us and will love us without any reservations, accepting the whole you and embracing who will you become. You can determined a real friend in times of challenges in life coz they are the people who will pick you up in times of trouble even in the midst of the night and they will take you back home.

We have to treasure old friends, they are like wines, the older it is…the more it becomes expensive. Cherish new friends they are like diamonds…the more you get closer, the more you will appreciate it.

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