What is life meant for you?

Posted: January 29, 2011 in Failures & Success, Memorable Events, Personal
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I don’t know how many us know what really life meant or I may say the real meaning of life. We’ve always been complaining about the things that’s happening in our lives. Why I am like this and why I don’t look like them? Those were just some of our concerns everyday of our life. Our complains!

What is your concern in your life? I believed that there are people who lives always in a happy disposition, smiling without complain and living life to the fullest even if something missing in their lives. The are the people who are blessed for that disposition and it’s so inspiring to know people like them. As if there are no storms and trials in their lives coz they can manage to laugh with and pursue with courage.

I just want to share this video that I have accidentally found. It touches my heart and it made me realize that life is so Beautiful despite of all the trials and challenges that’s happening in each one of us. God has always the reason why He didn’t give this man an arm and legs to show to us that despite of the situations he can be happy and live a worries free life. After watching this video, ask yourself “Am I happy with my life?”

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