He gave meaning to my life…

Posted: August 25, 2010 in Failures & Success, Memorable Events, Personal

I knew Him for so long…He is always there for me during the deepest part of my life…He keeps on searching me whenever I walk astray…He keeps on taking me back home…and He keeps on loving me without asking Him to love me. He never changed, He never changed and will never change.

August 24, 2010, that was last night. A friend of mine invited me to attend for a gathering. I am expecting people in their most decent attire, elite people and people who knows nothing but good things in life. Too tell you, I’m a little bit hesitant to come but I promise my friend and I don’t want to disappoint her. A feeling of little awkwardness, shy feelings but behind on my mind I am saying that who cares anyway, they don’t even know my name so why should I be ashamed of.

When we arrived there, a lot of busy people coming in and out of the place, some are talking of celebrities coming, business men, high profile people who are coming to celebrate with this powerful person, influential person who will celebrate life. I am wondering who really is this person!? Why do high profile people, celebrities, business men are coming for Him. I am wandering around, my eyes are roaming around to every corner of the place and they are right, there are celebrities, there are business men, I even see some familiar faces in billboards, in TV, in magazines and even in Politics. I don’t know what to expect and I don’t know where to put myself.

5 minutes…4 minutes…3 minutes…2 minutes…1 minute…count down to start the gathering. From the very start of the gathering a Man who is very familiar to me is the center of this gathering. He is the center of everything, they praise Him, they have showed him love, a Man who is very majestic and everyone in the place bowed down for His majesty. I never expect Him tonight and the center of everything. He is the one who helped me when I almost give up in my life, the one who keep pushing me to live life to the fullest, He is someone who never left me. I ignore Him for so long, for so many times but He keeps on coming back to my life. I pushes Him away but He revenge to me with so much love, He gave me love that no one can afford to give. He never changed. I know, I have changed, I embrace changes in my life but He never did.

Again He touch my life, He shares the best thing He had for me. I remember the past days of life when I used to be with Him…I can’t help myself but to cry coz no matter how I tried to hide from Him, He keeps on seeking for me, He keeps on loving me, I keep on denying Him, I ashamed to be with Him before and now he is the star of the night, the center of everything and I have no right to question Him, I feel guilt inside of me, I feel shame of myself, I feel like I was isolated in here but in the middle of all these people He stood before me, He took my hand and He raise me up, He touch my heart and He promise that no matter what happen He will always be there for me. He promised that He will love me for the rest of my life, even death can’t conquer His love for me. I feel I was so much loved, I feel I was so much cared and I don’t have to be afraid again coz I know now that He will always be there for me, He is the same, someone I knew from my past, He is the the same someone I know now and He will always someone I will know forever.

His name is…JESUS!

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