Remembering my Dad

Posted: August 3, 2010 in Memorable Events, Personal

August 03, 1995 was the last time I saw my Dad, it’s his birthday. That was 15 years ago and I miss him so much. He is the only man in my life whom I can’t forget for the rest of my life not only because he is my father but because of all the things he has done for me. The best man I ever knew. The love that he showered to me, the care, the guidance and being the best man for me.

It’s very hard to explain how it feels like missing your dad. There’s an unexplainable pain inside of me. The longing in my heart for a man, longing for a strong man. Maybe what I am now is because of the absent of father figure. All I ever wanted is to have a man to understand me, a friend and someone to love me just like my father…I know there’s only one man who can love me for what I am aside from my mom…and that’s my father. Sometimes, I am misunderstood by other people but they don’t know how I miss the shoulder of my father everytime I want to cry, I miss the ears of my father everytime I need somebody to listen and I just miss the hand of my dad tapping my shoulder that I have to go on with my life everytime I fall. I miss his words of wisdom, those words that I am using as my principle in life.

During my younger years He thought me how to dream, he thought me how to live life to the fullest and how to enjoy life with the Lord God as the center of everything. I was once lost my way, I forget his teachings but he always intervene me to become righteous. What I am now is because of my dad and my mom. They were not perfect parents but they are willing to die for me and to my other siblings.

I am very lucky enough to know a man like my father. Now…that he is living with our creator, his teachings, his guidance and most of all his love will always remain in my heart. I believed I have the responsibility to build my own family and to spread what is being taught to me unfortunately I can never be like my dad and that’s the hardest decision I may have.

Lucky are you to have your dad and your mom beside you right now. Don’t wait for the time that they can’t hear anymore what you have in your heart. Don’t wait for the time that they can’t feel anymore the love you have for them. Tell them how much you love them. That’s the most regret I have in my life, my dad loves me so much but I don’t remember a single time that I showed and tell him how much I love him. Wherever he is right now, I may not tell him how much I love him but deep inside of me I can’t define the emptiness in me without him, the word love is not enough how much I love him. How I wish to have him again…but I know time will come that I will faced him again and maybe if that time will come…I will tell him how much I love him and I really miss him.

  1. Nguyen says:

    I really love this post Arjhay, it is very emotional…moving…Thanks a lot for your sharing. I love many other posts of yours too. Today I have read many of them, they are all touching…
    PS: aren’t you an American or British ( because of your name) if so, you write really well like a real American
    Have a nice day.

    • arjhay says:

      Hello Nguyen, Thank you for dropping by at my page and for subscribing. I feel so much joy and honored for all the words you have written in here. I guess you felt the way I feel during the time I am writing this one, shall I say, I write it from the heart. I love my Dad and it shows on my writing. I am not American nor British, I am a Filipino from Philippines. It’s a compliment for me being tagged as American the way I write. Thank you so much, Nguyen! I wish you the best of life and hope to catch you here again. Have a nice day!

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