Arjhay meets RJ

Posted: August 3, 2010 in Memorable Events, Personal

RJ and Arjhay

These past few days in my life seems to be a very busy days. I got a new work, part time work that’s why I am seldom writing in here. I am trying to move on now and i’m trying to enjoy my life, keeping it busy, for me to forget all those painful past. Actually, I am happy now with my life and no one can stop me to be happy.

I been from a bloggers party at Taste Asia mall of Asia. It was sponsored by Pantene Pro-V 3 Minute Miracle Treatment. It was a lot of fun. There are stars who grace the night. Ms. Judy Ann santos was there and the forner PDA Scholar RJ Jimenez. The whole night was a night of foods, music, drinks and fun.

I am just staying in the corner when RJ Jimenez render a song which he himself composed. It is omething that talks about somebody else waiting for the right love and to the one he loves. Well, I know I don’t have to react to it but I just love the song, simply because I realized that until do I have to wait for the one I love, It might be that I am lossing the one that i love for the rest of my life. Hopefully not. RJ is telling the audience that if you fall in love, your world will stop as if you and the one you love are all alone in this world.

I am a fan of that korean novela before, the Princess Hour and I like also the song sung by RJ Jimenez and Yeng Constantino as theme song of that Korean Novela. It tells that if we will just fall in love we can have done a lot of things in our life, you can write a better song as what the song is saying. During the party it was sung also by RJ and fortunately my cam is not yet full with all my files so I was able to record that song, performed by RJ in my very eyes.

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