Time to mend a Broken Heart

Posted: August 14, 2008 in Personal

The hardest thing in life is letting go of something you don’t want to let go. A time that you want to move on for something new but still the heartaches and the pains inside your heart will always remain. Each one of us has its own love story to tell, some live happily ever after, others seperate their ways just to find someone new, there are love in the right place but in a wrong time, sometimes there are love stories both in a wrong time and a wrong place. And me? I have also my very own love story but sad to say it always ends up in tragedy, in the sense that I’m willing to lost my life just to work out everything in a relationship, but always ends up that I’m finding myself in a corner of my room, with tears in my eyes and seeing myself alone.

Since the first time that I was hurt I’m always asking myself why do I have to fall in love and at the end I will cry? Whay can’t I help myself not to love? Why do other people came into our life, touches our lives, but they will just leave us behind? When can I stop the tears in my eyes? And when will be the time that somebody else will love me for who and what Am I? These are the questions that are very hard to answer though the answers are always in our hands.

All we want is to love and be loved. But why do people questioned me if I’m fallen to someone else. Do I have not the right to love? It’s very painful to think that most of the time I am always left behind. I am happy with my social status, I am happy with my family, I am happy with my friends but why is it that emptiness in my heart will always be there for me. I want to move on with my life but a big question mark will always slap on my face about the things that involves me. I have also a dream in life, I’m dreaming to be with the best partner I could ever have in my whole life, and will always at my side for the rest of time.

My heart is always hoping that someday I can move on with my life. I’m always saying before that everything will be okay, that I have to be just at the corner of my own self waiting for someone to be a part of me for the rest of my life. But I was not able to move my life yet, I was not able to look for the right time for me, and until when do I have to wait? Others are saying that I have to buy for someone to love me, to care for me, but it’s not that easy to beg for love, we can lie to other people but we can never lie to ourselves. I was not able to get the essence of buying for some love. And now, before I have to bid farewell to my self, to my old self…I really have to mend my broken heart before someone else will come into my life, because loving others will always starts from loving myself.

  1. jhoyce niez says:

    yeah..its hard to love someone who can never love you in return. who can never be reciprocate the efforts that you have given for him. why he came and touch my life when all he want is to live me at the end and leave me bleeding? so hurt.

    • arjhay says:

      Hello Joyce, thanks again. hmmmmmm…most of us experienced such pain like this but I tell you, after a year or two you will laugh at yourself and you will be asking “Why I am crying for that guy? Why I have wasted my time for Him?” and you will realize that He teaches you what’s real love and how to love…and definitely it’s not Him. How i wish to know you better. 😉

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