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Posted: August 13, 2008 in Failures & Success, Memorable Events, Personal, Plainly Politics
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You have just met somewhere in nowhere, in an unexpected ways, in an unexpected time. In my whole life I never thought of somebody who will came and be my friend for the rest of my life. If I willbe your friend, I will be a friend forever. Sometimes I can can hear from other people saying that life is nothing without money, life is nothing without power, life is nothing without wisdom but for me life is nothing without FRIENDS. I am always saying to myself that I am rich, not with wealth, but I am rich because I have a lot of friends.

All of my friends have different characteristics, they have different point of view in life, they have different social status, they have different interpretation on life itself. There are people who consider their friend as somebody who is more than a family. I don’t know why but mostly of us confide to a friend rather than to a family, I, even myself used to ran to a friend than to my family. I seek more comfort from a friend than to anyone else.

There are people that surround us that criticize the friendship we have invested to a certain person. Sometimes we were prejudged because we are showing something better to a friend. Why do people sometimes questioned the status of friendship you have? Is it not about giving back of something to a friend because he/she has done something good for you? I can even remember a good friend of mine, who shares all the best thing we could have in our lives. We even define friendship as something that only two hearts understand, no need for words to say, only eyes and we can understand.

As we journey our life, we can meet people along the way, people that will hurt us, people that will make us laugh, people that will inspire us and people who will leave some prints in our hearts. These are the people that we met by chance and some of them proved to be a good friend, and from that few we can find a best friend, as time keeps the two soul closer to one another and destined to be friends forever.

  1. Suraj says:

    Nice picture…………..

    • arjhay says:

      Suraj, thank you for taking some time to read and for leaving a comment in my blogpage. These are some of the reason why I keep on writing, why I keep on telling about myself and sharing my life to all my readers and to you who takes a little step for me to keep on believing that I can inspire other people. Thank you very much! How I wish to have you here back again.

      • chris says:

        i ‘ll like 2 hear u everyday

      • arjhay says:

        Hi Chris, thanks a lot. Your message inspires me to go on with what I am doing right now. Soon, I will update my page, I still have to manage my time, I still have to take a retreat and pretty sure when the right time comes, I will share some unforgettable experiences and moments in my life. Thank you so much! Take care always!

  2. Zu says:

    good morning

  3. charles says:

    please sent the friendship picture

  4. suhrab says:

    as it’s clear friendship is friendship
    and no things are better then it in the live
    so we be care that live is a chance for every human, and friendship is a importent things are live, such try to have a better live and success live, with good friendship,

  5. hani says:

    i hope u dont mind if im taking the picture.its look so sweet.

    • arjhay says:

      Hi. thanks for taking some time to read and dropping by at my blog page. yes, sure actually it’s not mine too but I have a permission for that. Thanks!

  6. Novelette says:

    Very touching and straight to the point.

    • arjhay says:

      Hi Novelette. Thanks for dropping by at my page and thanks for leaving some comments. Hmmm…I agree it’s touching maybe because I wrote from the heart, it’s my own story. Hehehehe! Again, thank you and have a blessed day!

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  10. Joyce Niez says:

    thanks 2 all my friends who always comforting me…i love u all w/out you my life would be empty….Jonabel , jomalyn….also 2 my sweetheart…love u so much….your all i need beside me..Jhobiemar.

    • arjhay says:

      Hi Joyce, thanks for leaving some comment in my post. It’s always good to know to have friends, especially friends whom we can count on especially in our deepest time in life. Treasure your friendship and always put God in the center of that circle of friends and you will never go wrong. Have a blessed day ahead and hope to have you here again. 🙂

  11. Joyce Niez says:

    can i get your email add. in fb, i just want to you, even if just in fb only….please……

  12. Joyce Niez says:

    i just want to see you, even if in fb only,,,please…..

  13. 創業 says:

    Thanks for an idea, buy imho main problem content :((

  14. Raaz says:

    me, Raaz and i really like this lovely pic very much

  15. Joyce Niez says:

    owkie, thanks 4 accepting my comment here.,,,, im so glad that ive been a part of it…thankz again.

    • arjhay says:

      Hi Joyce, you will always be a part om my blog! Those people who keep on dropping by at my blog page are truly my inspiration to keep on writing and sharing my self and you are one of them. Thank you so much!

      • Joyce Niez says:

        kie, thank you so much too for accepting me as a part of it. and more power to God….i hope you can create more beautiful and inspiring blogs,………may God bless you always……take care.

      • arjhay says:

        Thank you, Joyce! I will write more inspiring blogs! Especially now that I am preparing for something great in my life and it’s worth to share with. Thanks! Have a blessed day!

  16. Jules says:

    I smiled when I saw this because it reminded me of me and my friend Kyle who met when we were two and are still friends to this day!!!!

    • arjhay says:

      Hi Jules, Thanks for leaving a comment here. We all have friends but only few who has a friend closer like a brother, right? It’s so great to know that until now you and Kyle are still holding for that friendship. Once a friend will always a friend forever. Wish you both all the best in life. Treasure that friendship for a lifetime. Regards!

  17. thanks to all my friends especially joyce ann amira jana jomalyn dhil xa inyo naging malakas ako best joyce salamat xa pagtanggap xa akin xa attitude ko xa pagkatao ko….mga best salmat dhil nakilala ko keo salamat dhil di nyo ako iniwan kh8 lam nyo na pti keo mahi2rapan alam nyo ba best cguro kung wala keo cguro wala na ako cguro sumuko na ako best nakakahiya mang sabhin xa inyo pero mga best mahal na mahal ko keo best wag nyo ako iiwan best huh keo nlang ang tangi kong kayamanan xa buhay ko keo ang lakas ko mga best wag nyo ako iwan huh………..!

  18. jhoyce niez says:

    bhext thats okie……dont worry were always there w/ u…& we will never leave you….we love you so much….hope our friendship will be 4ever,,& theres no hindrances can take us to be part…..always remember that were always there when u need somebody… u…be strong,,,and dont give up…..4 trials is not the 2 give up,,,,but a reason 4 us to be stronger than on what we know about ourselves………….

  19. Shims says:

    can i post this on fb as one of my notes,, just want to dedicate this to all my frends… it fits them well… thanks for sharing this with us.. God Bless..

    • arjhay says:

      Shims, I’m so happy that you like what I have posted. It’s an honor for me if you can post my work in your fb account. Thank you so much and God bless! How I wish to have you here again.

  20. lou says:

    i want a true friend!

  21. jhoyce niez says:

    you can meet a true friend by as times goes by,,,,true friend that can guide you through all the way, that can help you up, when you are down, and most of all friend that will love you the way you love her too.,just wait GOD has his own plan for to meet a friend that you call as your bestfriend…….

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  23. tina says:

    interested in being freinds with me…………………….

  24. jhoyce niez says:

    im just find, yhup i add. u in my fb. by the way, how bout you?

  25. deekupooja says:

    a true means 2 have someone who likes mom

  26. pozycjonowanie says:

    really nice author and his text

  27. vijay says:

    sollu chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaala akkuvaindi

  28. nice lines about friendship…………dat is frnd shp!

  29. jhoyce niez says:

    hi kuya arjhay i like your post b-day so much..thank you,,sorry if i were not able to reply you.,,i forgot it..,but you know i really appreciate it.. ,more power & God always blessed you…..

  30. maitree says:


  31. Avantika says:

    i wnt a true frnd

  32. Avantika says:

    awesome dude

  33. sarah-may says:

    i love friendship

  34. Wafa says:

    nice nice article no doubbt

  35. irma ramos cervania says:

    I really love this song.. how can I share this video on my facebook?

  36. […]   You have just met somewhere in nowhere, in an unexpected ways, in an unexpected time. In my whole life I never thought of somebody who will came and be my friend for the rest of my life. If I willbe your friend, I will be a friend forever. Sometimes I can can hear from other people saying that life is nothing without money, life is nothing without power, life is nothing with … Read More […]

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  40. jahid says:

    I never thought of somebody who will came and be my friend for the rest of my life. If I willbe your friend, I will be a friend forever. Sometimes I can can hear from other people saying that life is nothing without money, life is nothing without power, life is nothing with … Read More […]

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