Truly an Inspiration

Posted: August 11, 2008 in Personal

August 10, 2008 at around 5:30 in the afternoon it was my very first time driving a car, actually, I drive before but it doesn’t takes so long, it takes only a minute. And this is the first time that I consider as the very first time. I have with my cousin at my side teaching me how to drive.  Actually, she’s one of my hero in my life. I know she did not only teach me how to drive, but she wants me to drive my very own life. Driving a car is so easy, but I have realized everytime she will talk to me, she keeps on emphasizing that driving my own life is not that as easy as driving a car.

She is a woman of beauty, a woman of brain, a woman of talent, very influential, she has a wealth but she always kept her feet on the ground and as far as I knew her, she is a woman of iron but she is always a woman with a heart of gold.

I can still remember my younger years when she is teaching me how to dance, she is teaching me how to sing and I guess 75% of who am I is because of her. As I reach the point of my life when no one is around for me, when no one wants to extend their hands for me, a time when I almost lost my way, she was there for me extending her hands, and accepting me with wide arms open. She is always misunderstood as somebody else but I know she’s not, sometimes she is just having this facade of an iron lady but I know she is always a woman with a soft heart. There are times in her life that she needs somebody to lean on, unfortunately I was not there for her. She just cling on her faith to somebody else, she trust with all her heart to this person but sad to say she just cry at the end and decided to close the door of her heart to anyone else. It’s August 19, 2005 when she told herself that everything is over, and it’s been three years since it happen and I am just crossing my finger that hopefully she have moved on with her life.

All she wants is to touch the life of other people, all she just want is to give some happiness, all she wants is to share what she have in her life, but why is it that there are people who can afford to hurt her? When can she have the happiness she wants in her life? As of now, I know she is trying to live again, she wants me to drive my own life because she don’t want to see me walking in darkness, she don’t want me to walk in the path that she is walking alone, I have my own journey in my life, all she wants me to know is the lesson that she have learned during her own journey. She is not just a cousin, a mentor for me, a friend, a boss but she is…truly an inspiration for me.

One of her favorite song and I would like to dedicate this song to her as a sort of thanking her for all the things she has done in my life. Though thank you is not enough how grateful I am to have her in my life.

  1. anshika says:

    friendship is the biggest relation in the world

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