Green Scenery

Posted: August 7, 2008 in Memorable Events, Personal
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I been away from the noise and pollution of the city this past weekend. Going somewhere away from the daily problems of my life. And this is also the time of which I was able to appreciate the beauty of nature, the gift of the Almighty that sooner or later will vanish because of the things human are doing to mother nature.

Three days of staying there is a great time of relaxing your mind, embracing the beauty of nature, and giving myself a retreat. Once in a while it’s good that we have to give ourselves a time to reflect, a time to rest, and a time to enjoy life with all the beauty of nature. Nature tells us, that life can be better if we will just appreciate little things in our lives. I stayed there, and it was a priviledged for me to know myself better, to appreciate little things in my life.

We are staying there in a little “bahay kubo”. Life is so simple, upon waking up in the morning, we can feel the cool breeze of the wind, you can feel the warmth of the sunshine in your face and a mug of coffee. Life is so beautiful then.  Nothing to worry, nothing to rush, and you have no reason not to smile with the sounds of the birds, the noise of the frogs, and the cry of cows. And when the night has come the sounds of crickets will lullaby you to sleep. Life is so simple, I really appreciate what really life means with simple things. It is not the complicated life, but a gift from up above. And a gift to enjoy with.

The “Bahay-Kubo”

Sa ilalim ng puno ng santol.

The wind blows so cold.

The back yard, just like mini forest.
And isa pang “Bahay-Kubo”.

When the twilight comes.

Ang loob ng “Bahay-Kubo”

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