WordCamp 2008 Philippines

Posted: July 30, 2008 in Memorable Events
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This is already posted in my other blogsite and I just want to repost this one at my very own wordpress site. Actually I have already my badges and my confirmation from the organizer and I just want to spread the good news to everybody out there!
WordCamp Philippines

I am browsing for something new in my blog list and so happen that I open a page which I think will help me a lot, It will help me improve my skills and ability in writing, It will help me develop myself for a better me. This is the WORDCAMP PHILIPPINES 2008.This is the first time here in the philippines to have this kind of camp, actually first time in Southeast Asia. A group of WordPress enthusiasts, developers, advocates and users embarking on this project to bring WordCamp to the Philippines for the first time. They will bring new informations, techniques, skills, and they will help develop amateur bloggers like me in reaching the top of excellence.

I am working in an IT company, but not all were thought nor I have experienced the best thing in computer world. I am less than to my co-employees, since most of them graduated in a computer related courses, and I am supposed to be in the classroom teaching my students to become a better citizens of the world. But still I have this hunger in computer education, I want to experience something beyond just sitting in front of my computer, beyond just simply writing, and beyond just an amateur blogger. I know and i believed this is something that will change life into better.

WordCamp Philippines

Wordcamp Philippines 2008 is sponsored by the following:

For more informations on Wordcamp Philippines 2008 please click here. And for Mindanao bloggers you can click here. See you in September!

  1. Johnna Lawhorn says:

    thanks, and maintain up the good work

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